Day 02

7 Jun

Today was a very interesting day. I am finding that my Spanglish is turning more Spanish than English – which is very exciting. With my host family I am supposed to feel more comfortable if I make mistakes, and I do. It’s very nice that they don’t think I’m stupid if I make a mistake, which is very different from classes or in America in general. I am able to listen and comprehend more than I am able to respond correctly. Costarricense is very fast, but it’s starting to make more sense as I spend more time here.

Houses here are so beautiful. The outside may look plain, but the inside is a complete surprise. At our school it is very open. There is an atrium with a garden and the only doors are to the bathrooms and some classrooms, everything else is open and bright. I will post the small amount of photos I have taken on my flickr, which is located on the side of this blog!

Today was a lot of orientation and review material, which was very good because my Spanish is very rusty. I hope to improve much more with time. We took a walk to the bank as part of our orientation, their security is very high in comparison. They have guards at the door and they use a metal detector on you before you’re allowed in. An American dollar goes a very long way, it is equivalent to 500 colones here. So, if something is 800 colones, it’s 4 American dollars. The walk was very hot, but it cooled down this afternoon. The rainy season was a good time to come for a northern Wisconsinite like me! The mornings/early afternoons are warm, but afternoon/evening is cooler. Tuanis.

Also, Saturday is sloth day! Sam and I are going close to the Caribbean to the Central Pacific Coast to see the sloths!!! 🙂  I will also see the ocean and a rainforest for the first time! It is too much excitement for me to contain.

Hasta luego.



One Response to “Day 02”

  1. Amber June 8, 2011 at 8:04 am #

    Oooh the Caribbean! Can you believe it?? I’m so excited for you!

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