Day 03 – 05

10 Jun

03: Today, we explored San Jose for the first time. We have Spanish classes every day from 8 am – Noon, and then we have planned activities until 3 or so. At noon we walked downtown. It was a very educational and beautiful trip. We learned a lot about the history of Costa Rica and San Jose.

Costa Rica’s army was abolished in 1948, and their country is one of the most peaceful in the world, if not the first. The country is run by the people, and has their best interests at heart. (Affordable education and health care for everyone.) They also encourage the arts, because it lowers the amount of violence. Walking through the cities you will see beautiful murals painted by residents.

Time is also not very important here. People will arrive when it’s time. There isn’t a lot of rushing or passing others on the sidewalk. It’s very different from the U.S.

04: Today for our activity we talked about our upcoming trip to Manuel Antonio. It is in the Central Pacific area of Costa Rica. The beaches are beautiful, there are many monkeys, and SLOTHS! Sam and I leave at 2:30 pm on Friday and will arrive around 5:00 pm in M.A. I am so excited to see the ocean for the very, very first time! Also, Sam and I went to Pop’s, an ice cream establishment, and had the best ice cream we have ever eaten. Kali – you were right, it is amazing!

05: Tomorrow, is (the real) sloth day. We leave in approximately 80 minutes for Manuel Antonio – sloth central. Sam and I are very excited for this trip. We have been told to wear a lot of sunscreen, hats, and take extra precautions with people. Also, we shouldn’t bring backpacks with zippers because if we leave  our backpacks on the beach monkeys will dig in them! How funny!

On a sadder note, I fell on my way to the bus today. It was a very bad experience (my bruise/cut is pretty wicked), and I am a little worried that the salt water of the ocean will hurt it… but that won’t stop me from swimming all day tomorrow! I hope today gets better than this morning, the fall was painful, the bus ride was awful (apparently if you have two bags: one backpack and a small purse, you have to pay twice the fare? Granted that is still under 50 cents, but it’s the principal of the matter!), school was good, and lunch was the best (noodles with salsa – not American salsa, it’s very different, bread, a type of fried bananas, and freshly squeezed pineapple juice)  so I think the day is going up 😀

Have a great weekend everyone!

Amanda 🙂


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