Days 19 – 24

5 Jul

Day 19 [June 24] – Today we left for Cahuita, which is near Limon. Cahuita is a smaller city on the Caribbean coast and we are here for the sloths tomorrow!!!! Today is also my Daddy’s birthday, and so I had to wake up extra early to Skype with him and wish him a Happy Birthday! 🙂

Day 20 [June 25] – SLOTHDAY


We started the day by visiting Aviarios Sloth Rescue Center in Cahuita. Firstly, we had a canoe tour and we saw howler monkeys, birds, bats, and a sloth in a tree! Afterwards we saw a cute video about the sanctuary and the lives of sloths. We got to see 5 “adult” sloths: Billy – who was sleeping because he was tired from his “escape” earlier that day (he was found a few feet from his living area in the rafters), Millie – a beautiful 2 toed sloth that I was able to pet (sloths have very interesting fur), two orphaned sloths Sunshine & Sammy – they reside in the same living space because they were rescued together and they have clung to each other for support ever since. They are likely to be life-long residents of the sanctuary because they were never taught survival skills by their mothers, the last sloth was Toyota – a very shy male sloth who only turned around to look at once once or twice. After the adults, we visited the sloth nursery to see the babies! They were so cute! My pictures don’t do enough justice for how cute they are in real life. Overall it was a wonderful experience and I was so glad that I finally got to see the sloths!

Later, we tried some local food – jerked chicken sandwiches – which were pretty good. Then we went to the beach. I have now swam in both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans! After the beach we went back to the hotel room and I watched Star Wars in Spanish while we waited to go to dinner. Then we went to a cute local restaurant that shows a movie every night, today it was The Town, it was rather interesting from what we saw, but we didn’t get to finish because it was kind of long and we were tired.

Today was also Scotty’s grad party. I was really sad that I couldn’t be there, but I think the sloth sanctuary made me feel a lot better than I would have otherwise.

Day 21 [June 26] – Today wasn’t an eventful day. We had to catch the bus back to San Jose at 11:30 am so all we did was get ready and check out. The bus ride was hot and humid, but not as bad as the way down! When we arrived home I was exhausted so I only had dinner then went to bed.

Day 22 [June 27] – We had Spanish Class as per usual, then we made empanadas. They were delicious! It wasn’t a very eventful day. Cooking was fun though.

Day 23 [June 28] – Today we visited Casa Ames, which is the Costa Rica version of Planned Parenthood. We talked with the director about the program, and it’s very interesting. The website is here if you want to peruse it: (I know if you use Google Chrome as your browser, it will offer to translate the page to English for you!)

Day 24 [June 29] – Today we learned about our internship site, Casa San Lazaro. It sounds like I’m going to be working with a group of teenagers, a support group of some sort. But I’m not really sure because things keep changing and I never really know what I’m going to be doing. I’m really nervous about this.



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