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Final Days

22 Sep

I realized looking through my photos today that I never wrote about my last weekend in Costa Rica! I apologize for writing in the past/present tense throughout the entry because it’s a mix of what happened then and how I feel now, etc…

Saturday, July 23

Today we went to Montezuma, it was quite the bus, ferry, bus, and small bus ride. I think it’s the longest trip we have taken.

Montezuma is a very small town, but the scenery is beautiful. Sam and I really loved the beach. It was probably my favorite beach, even in comparison to Cahuita! We went shopping for a bit after swimming and before dinner and I got some last minute souvenirs. For dinner we went to a healthy-themed restaurant. I had a spinach noodle pesto creation and it was pretty good. This was one of those restaurants where they serve dinner & show a movie. The movie was Burlesque! Which I had wanted to see for a long time, so I was excited that we got to see it. After the restaurant we double-checked the bus times and found out that our only options were 6 a.m. or 2 p.m. At this point I hadn’t packed yet, so the 4-6 hour trip frightened me a bit. I wanted to spend time with my familia tica before I left as well. This made me really sad because we had come up with a bunch of fun plans to do in the morning before we caught the noon bus that we thought was offered….

Sunday, July 24

6 a.m. came so fast. The hotel/hostel that we stayed in had one fan, shared bathrooms, and very small rooms. It was probably the most bare-boned hotel we stayed in. We didn’t mind because it was cheap! The bus, other bus, ferry, and final bus rides were fine. I have been getting so sick on these bus rides. I have never gotten motion-sick until I rode these buses.

I started packing and deciding what I would leave behind to donate. For some reason I am always able to pack more on the way back than the way there. On every weekend trip I had that luck – which I didn’t complain about! I stayed up really late packing and double-checking everything to make sure I was prepared for my morning flight.

Monday, July 25

I left my casa tica at 9:00 a.m. today. I cried when I had to hug my mami tica goodbye. I think that was the hardest goodbye for me, because mi mami tica and I talked often and spent a lot of time together for meals and such. I thought it was ironic that I cried my whole way to Costa Rica, and most of the way home. On the way down I was so scared because I was all alone, and it was my first international trip. On the way back, I wasn’t as scared, but I was very sad.

In case you didn’t know, I have the best luck in the world. And thus, when I was in the Miami airport my flight gate changed twice, and was delayed for about 2 hours. It was miserable. At this point I just wanted to get home. I didn’t end up back in Superior until about 3 a.m. I was so tired, but so excited to see my family and boyfriend. It was such an odd feeling at the same time though. It was very… foreign.